Wednesday, September 7, 2016


As the weather was on the verge of heating up Monday, I decided to try a pie, to help use a few eggs.

Mmmm. From scratch butterscotch,

With meringue. And eggs from the girls.

Of course the pie was not without some angst. The girls are laying larger eggs now, but still smaller than standard. So I had to figure out how many of my eggs to use. Then separate them. One double yolker gave me some trouble, but I managed quite nicely on the whole.

When it came to the meringue, I didn't have any cream of tartar that most of the recipes, but it even turned out ok.

It may have set better, if I had room in the fridge, but it was still tasty. And it didn't separate or get little beads on it.

Of course, it didn't last past Tuesday morning.

Next, I need to get some lemons. And cream of tartar.

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