Monday, September 5, 2016

Keeping Busy....Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday I have been keeping busy. I failed to mention that it will be getting busier.

My beloved Community Bible Study (CBS) starts on this coming Thursday morning. I found out my group leader is a friend at my new church who worked with my dad when he got his infusions. I will enjoy getting to know her better as we study Matthew this year.

Because of CBS, I will be unable to attend breakfast on Thursdays with some of the women from church. I have enjoyed diving in and getting to know them better. They invited me to the women's Bible study at All Saints, on Tuesday mornings. I am seriously considering attending.

And then there was the surprise I got at Mass this weekend. One friend greeted me, noting that I was settling in and becoming famous. With great poise, I said "Huh?

Turns out, according to the announcements, I am on the schedule to be a speaker for the women's group, CCW, in October. I repeat, huh?

I figured it out later, after corralling one of the gals who had come to see my spinning demonstration in my hometown earlier this summer. They had suggested that would be a great program. So I got drafted. I don't mind, if they want to see it, but what a surprise.

So I suppose I should attend the meeting this month, to see just what kind of program they expect. They meet once a month on Tuesday nights. Sounds like I may be missing Knit Nite occasionally.

I may also need a bigger table than I had in July.

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