Thursday, September 22, 2016

Knitting Angst

It's real people. Just like the agony of defeat, without the skis.

So what happened? I got ready to sit down with some knitting this evening deciding to work on my Simple Brainless Socks. I pulled them out of my bag, adjusted the needles when....what? The one tip has snapped off from the cable. So I know one thing I may need to purchase this weekend at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival: size 0, 40 inch circular needle. Preferably wood, but I won't be fussy. I had only used them for the amount of sock you see here.

So, since that won't be getting worked on for a while, I pulled out some handspun, merino silk I believe, and wound it into a ball to start a new shawl. Of course, since my swift is hung up with that mohair I mentioned before, this was hand wound again.

I think this will make a decent semi-brainless traveling project, once I work through the pattern repeat a time or two.

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