Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Busy Busy Day

While, after returning from getting Younger Son home from work at 6:30 am, I was able to get a good nap in, it has been non-stop ever since today.

After cat, dog and chicken chores were finished, I headed to the memorial service for my cousin's daughter. (Well technically, for all you genealogists, the service was for my first cousin, twice removed.) The 21 year old had a small toddler son, and loved Batman. So in her honor, all were asked to wear their Batman gear. For those like me with no Batman stuff, they were ready.

Yup, Batman ribbons. The service was sweet, and very moving with the wee son toddling up and down the aisle as his great uncle sang, and another eulogized his momma. Cut down at only 21, it makes you aware that if the Lord is nudging you to do something, do it!

Also, all her uncles give great hugs. Such a loving, supportive family remembering her with great love.

I had to rush away because I had volunteered to help with distributing food at our church when the food truck was there. It was a great time to serve others, as well as fellowship with my church family. I am more and more becoming a part of the parish.

Oh, and did I share the parish's hay sculpture for the Harvest Festival?

Saint Teresa of Calcutta. How perfect. It looks just like her.


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