Thursday, September 15, 2016

Upgrades, Wanted or Not

After my coffee maker headed to the great coffee house in the sky last weekend, I decided I was tired of toast only getting brown on the bottom half of the bread. I am not like my son, wanting barely warm bread to come out of the toaster, I want crispy crunchy brown goodness.

So yesterday, with some cash in hand, I purchased a new toaster oven. This morning my toast was lovely. And the toaster oven should work better for heating up left over French toast from the freezer too.

While I was at the "local discount shopping center", I also perused the carpet cleaner section. Yes, Lizzie Belle, the cute little frou-from cow dog does have accidents. It doesn't help that she won't "go" for anyone but me. Couple that with my farmers/factory workers who (irony alert) are not among the neatest people on the planet and our carpet is a mess. It isn't new, but probably close to 30 years old. It started out brown, and is browner. Especially in spots. So I splurged on a purchase I had been considering for some time.

It doesn't handle full carpets, but works great for spots. Now that the humidity is down (hallelulia!), I can clean the worse areas and it can actually dry. And I can really see a difference.

Lizzie says, "I'm not really that bad."

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