Saturday, September 10, 2016

And That's a Wrap

Literally. My second Hitchhiker shawl is off the needles and even got worn to Mass this evening.

Sorry for the lousy picture. I tried to take one in front of my mirror in the wool room. But I was dying of heat there. So finally I let Gertrude model it for me.

The yarn is a rayon with metallic fingering weight. Very slinky and drapey. It has a very different feel from the one I made last winter out of sport weight wool. But my Tapestry Hitchhiker is a winner.

And while I didn't exactly play yarn chicken, I could not have gotten another repeat of the eight pattern rows.

But with a finished project off the needles, I reviewed my WIPs. It is a bit too hot to finish the Baby Hap for the Purple Princess yet, plus it needs the chart nearby. I can work on Little Peanut's Ten Stitch Blankie, and I have several pairs of complicated socks in the works.

But I do need a truly brainless and portable project. So....yup, I cast on another pair of simple socks.

The yarn is a merino bamboo blend called Squish by Yarn Hollow, in a color called (I think) Rel rel, in shades of brown, purple and red. Simple recipe sock, although I may try the Fleegle Heel again, done magic loop method. Good brainless knitting.

Now I better go update my Ravelry project page.

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