Thursday, September 25, 2014

Organization Happens

Some of my faithful readers may remember a while back, that I mentioned I wanted to organize my corner where leftover balls and skeins ended up.  I talked about it back last month here.
If you re-read that post, you will see that I have not only continued, although slowly, with the Sweet Pea Cardigan, but also wanted to do something with the pile of yarn pictured in that post.
The Sweet Pea Cardigan, still in progress.
Well, a few days later I did just that.  I just forgot to post about it.
On a trip to the neighborhood big box store, I purchased a pile of tubs and lids.  After spreading them out, I ended up with this:
I can finally see some bare floor! And from top to bottom, that is Fingering weight, DK weight, Bulky, Sport, and on the bottom, Worsted. And keep in mind this is all left over yarn, partial balls, and some skeins that were not needed for the project intended.  I can knit mittens for a long time out of that bottom tub.  And that is a very large tub.  I still have lots of regular stash besides that.  But now, I have a quick place to look for yarn for a quicky project that can use up this scrap yarn.  Thrummed mittens, scarves, striped anything.  The possibilities are endless.

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