Friday, August 15, 2014

Making Progress

When you consider that I almost decided to rip this whole thing back a few days ago, I think the Sweet Pea Cardigan is looking pretty good.
I mentioned earlier that I would share a picture after I divided the sleeves away from the body.  And that happened last night.  I decided after the divide to work a few rows of garter stitch, and then revert to plain stockinette for the rest of the body.  I haven't decided whether to do the same with the sleeves or not.  I am considering working the sleeves in pattern all the way down to the cuffs.  If I do, I will have to pick up a few stitches under the arm to make the pattern work.  I will have a while to decide that.
As I contemplated a baby blanket project (more on that another time), I started rummaging in my wool room.  The most embarrassing portion is the corner between some tubs and some shelves where I blatantly just toss my leftover yarn after finishing a project.  It is all in one place but obviously unorganized.  I may be able to find a few more random partial skeins to supplement this pile too.
Some is sorted into bags, but much is just tossed into the corner, along with project bags and baskets.
Hmmm.  Clearly something needs to be done.  I think the time has come for remnant yarn tubs.  I am thinking of a large tub for leftover worsted weight, some smaller ones for fingering weight yarn, and lace weight, since those are the yarns I use most.  Those tubs are a must.  Then I can decide on sizes of tubs I need for the rest.  I do have some sport, and DK, so maybe a tub to combine those, perhaps separated in bags.  I have very little heavier chunky or bulky yarns, but it would be nice to keep them together.
I guess I have some see through tub purchases to make soon, while the urge to sort and organize is upon me.

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