Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Loving the Sweater

I am really enjoying  the sweater I am knitting with my Custom Fit pattern.  I have managed to get past all my back shaping for the waist and am within a couple rows from starting the arm shaping.
Lizzie graciously agreed to pose with it yesterday.
Or, in other words, she would not be budged from the foot stool when I wanted to take the picture! 
Don't be scared away from the Custom Fit pattern because of all the markers.  I always do that.  The middle and left markers are marking each decrease or increase on the right side.  The line on the far right (or bottom in the picture) are just to mark the number of rows.  I prefer the markers to counters for counting rows.  
I am looking forward to finishing the back in a couple days and starting on the fronts.  Although many people like to work them at the same time, I prefer to do one piece at a time.  
With lots of markers of course. 

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