Friday, September 12, 2014

Growing a Perfect Fit

I think I finally have gotten through most of my techy issues for a while.  Once again I hear that Google e-mails and passwords have been stolen, so once again I had to go through and change my password, as well as update it on my various tech devices.  Hmmm...maybe I am too involved in modern technology.
Or not.  Anyway, now that I have that all done, onward.
I am really enjoying my Custom Fit experience.  The pattern is long, (10 detailed pages) but with shaping on each piece, geared to fit my "fluffy" shape, it is to be expected.   I have only started the back, but I also have begun the back waist shaping.
If you look closely, there are two decreases to the left of the green marker.  There are matching ones on the right side.  And in a few rows there will also be some in  The rows go faster because of each section being knit separately.  Sure, I will have seaming at the end,but I can block the pieces to shape as written better when I have just one layer to measure at a time.
I am enjoying this experience.  The only thing is when I start my next sweater, I will make sure to dry the swatch first.  The yardage estimated came out way high.  That is because I entered the "damp" weight of the swatch into the pattern wizard.  As a result, the wizard said I needed 12 skeins.  After using a bit of math to adjust the yardage to the actual dry weight of my swatch, I should have enough left over for mittens or a hat or two.   Next time I will be a bit more patient.

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