Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Farmer Takes A Wife

I mentioned that I would post about Older Son's wedding, sometime after the funeral of my brother.  I think I have finally caught up with some of my sleep now. And while I did post some pictures on Facebook, I thought I would try to post something on here, for my non-Facebook friends.  So here is the wedding, from August 23, 2014.
Older son and his best bud (and Best Man) waited in front of the old horse hitch that hung on the whitewashed side of the shed, waiting for the shindig to start.
My farmer son's cowgirl made a lovely bride, as she walked down the aisle.
The wedding was delightful, even if a bit warm.  Lil' Farm Gal was quite excited by the whole wedding thing.
It was a casual and informal country wedding.  Good thing, because after getting down the aisle, it was realized that the rings were on the desk in the house. Good thing the wedding was at home.  A bridesmaid was dispatched to fetch the rings.  The bride's ordained friend (in green tank top) reminded her that it was no big deal, as we waited for the rings.
Of course once the two ring boxes were brought out, we still had to wait.  Cow Girl's finger had swollen, and both those rings were for her. A few minutes brought the farmer's ring.
And yes, as discussed previously on Facebook, he did have his "chew" in one pocket and his wallet in the other, as well as his hat in place, with the sunglasses on top of that.  He is a farmer after all.  He always has his hat on.
The happy family, and yes, he is happy.
Trust me, for him, that is happy.  And when he was told that was the last of the posed pictures, he was very happy.
The cake, made by the bride, couldn't have been more perfect for the two of them.
And they danced the night away.
The Farmer and his Cow Girl.
For some reason, Younger Son didn't think we needed him for pictures, even tho he had been told before hand he would be required.  But we got one of the rest of the family.
Even though the wedding started with a bang, as there was an accident in front of the drive just before time to start, it went off just fine.  Of course there was the beep, beep, beep of the tow trucks, taking the car and truck away as the service started, but other than that, all was well.  After all, that helped make it even more memorable. 

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