Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Roller Coaster Weekend

Up, down and all around.  That certainly describes my weekend.
First off, Older Son married his Cowgirl.  Pictures were taken in great quantity and aside from a few moments that are what memories are made of, all went well.  At least with the wedding and reception.  I promise to do another posting on the wedding soon.  But...something else must take priority.
My baby brother.  My favorite brother.
My only brother, passed away last evening, after a long hard fight against pancreatic cancer.   He only recently had ended treatment and suddenly, all to quickly, was gone.
Pesky as only a younger brother can be, he managed to marry a wonderful woman and raised a fine batch of 2 sons and 3 3/4 grandsons. (Daughters have to marry into our family, in his family as well as mine.)
We bickered and squabbled as children, but but had a great life in rural Michigan.  If not on a farm, we grew up right next to our grandmother's farm. (More fun, less chores.)  Tractors to ride, creeks to explore, tadpoles to catch. 
Here he is on his shiny red bike in August of 59.  In the background is our mint green station wagon.  He ran into the fin and ended up with his first stitches.
Always the handsome young blade, as shown here in July of  82 at my wedding, he was a pretty good brother all in all.
I'm going to miss him.

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jeffrey1960 said...

I love you so much cousin. I am so sorry to hear this. You know you are in my prayers.