Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Knitting

I like baby knitting. The Pink Blankie was delivered and admired.

I started the sweater vest for another baby coming to one of the lecturers at Bible study. Again, this one will have several older siblings. It's nice to have something new for the younger children. The vest off the needles. It still wants a soak and blocking, ends hidden and two buttons added.

It went so quickly that I decided to make a nearly matching blankie. Different brand of yarn, but the off white color is almost the same. I'm winging this pattern as well. It is a plain square, center out. And I'll add a simple lace edging, and perhaps stripes.

It's is garter stitch, knit a round and increase at each corner, and purl a round. I may add some pink stripes, with yarn left from the Pink Blankie. Or I may buy something for stripes and lace to match the buttons on the sweater. I found some purple ceramic ones in the button stash that I really like.

I will definitely be blocking all of these, even if they are acrylic.

Then I'm going back to wool. Or at least a blend.

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