Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blankie Progress

The most recent of my blankie knitting has been growing.  This lace pattern is really eating up the yarn.  After I rounded the corner Sunday, I got out my digital scale and weighed the remaining yarn in the skein.  I then played with the figures on my calculator.
I had enough pink left for 1 and a half side or so.  Certainly not enough for 3 more sides.  And the yarn used on the stripe wouldn't have helped either.  I needed to buy another skein.  Luckily a quick trip to the acrylic section of Walmart found that they still had some of that color.  So it should be clear sailing from here.
Whether I can finish it in time for our last week of Bible Study is another matter.  Luckily I have a friend who is the neighbor of the recipient and promised to deliver if need be.  Since the baby is here, she may not be able to make it to our last two classes anyway.
I am rather pleased with how the lace is looking though.  And I finally got the buttons on the sweater vest.  They aren't an exact match, but close enough.
Hope mother and baby like it.  Even if they aren't wool.
And believe me, I am going back to wool and blends as soon as I am done with these.

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