Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Typically Michigan

I make no excuses about the fact I like this winter.  Even this past winter was okay by me. 
Spring has always been highly rated in my opinion.  I am not a fan of mud and sloppy driveways.   
Last week, we almost got to one of the nice parts of spring.  The weather was finally warm enough for no coats.  At least for me.  Hubby wore a sweatshirt, to my short sleeves on Saturday.  And with sandals, no socks in my Berkis.  The pasture, hay-fields and drive had dried off and the sun was shining.
By evening it was a different story.
Rain, wind, rain, lightening, thunder.  And did I mention rain?  
The power never flickered, but the Dish went out a couple times, very briefly, causing me to miss the end of Nascar.  
We were not an area that had the tremendous straight line winds that caused a lot of power outages and down trees.  But we did get rain.
The above picture is of the hay-field, as well as the one below.  It also includes the corner of the drive by the barn.
The pasture picked up some too.
And just to put it in perspective.  This crock pot liner was empty that morning. and the next morning, it looked like this.
And this morning?  Just a couple inches of snow.   Typical Michigan.

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