Monday, April 21, 2014

Under Control, Sort Of

Blessed Easter season to my readers.
This year, the holiday also coincided with my birthday, for only the second time in my life.  I had a semi-relaxing day, knitting and watching many movies.  My favorite channel, TCM , was heavily in Easter mode as well yesterday.  I saw the tail end of The Big Fisherman, about the life of St. Peter.  It was followed by King of Kings, and The Greatest Story Ever Told before turning to Irving Berlin musicals, starting with Easter Parade.  All told, in one afternoon I saw three different crucifixion scenes.  Each with a different flavor.  I still prefer the 1959 Ben Hur version I caught the end of on Saturday morning.  The storms, and style are so 50's.  Although I love John Wayne as the centurion in Greatest Story Ever Told.  One line, and even if you can't see his face, the voice is unmistakable his.
And today, in day after mode, I have been doing some knitting and bill paying.  I caught a few movies.  The daytime theme today was Frankie and Annette.  What fun!  And tonight starts John Wayne week.  He will be on all evening and some if not all daytime movies from tonight through Friday evening.
And on the knitting new projects started!  Now that Lent is over I can go back to knitting for myself, but I need to finish the latest baby blanket and Lil Farm Gal's sweater before anything new can be started.  But I can plan.
Just to prove that maybe spring is here, I spotted these today.  A month ago they were buried under feet of plowed snow piles.

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