Thursday, April 10, 2014

Startitis Rears its Ugly Head

With all of the projects I have going right now, all I needed was another one, right?  I have the doll sweater done, and baby sweater too, all but the buttons.  And of course I have all my projects waiting for the end of Lent, but the off-white blankie will probably carry me that far.  (And if you are counting, those will take me up to project 11 for the year.)
Well, actually I did need one.
I finished the doll sweater for Lil' Farm Gal, (project 9) and so I decided to cast on the size 11/12 for Lil' Farm Gal herself.  In spite of the off-white baby blankie (more on that later) still in progress, I needed something that is less of a dirt magnet than the off-white for when I am going on a road trip with Hubby.
I am making her a sweater very similar to the the doll sweater.  It will have an eyelet yoke with a garter ridge above each eyelet row.  Once I get past the increases I will probably just do a plain stockinette, with sleeves and body ending in a few garter rows.  Just like the doll sweater.
Both are the same yarn; same skein so far.  I guess the background color messes with the camera.  I did that much Tuesday while I was mulling options on the off-white blankie.  
I decided against the purple ceramic buttons.  A friend at Knit Nite advised me that they are more likely to chip on a machine washable sweater.  So I will did out the pink ones I found, and use those.  That means I won't need to buy yarn for the stripe and lace on the blankie, but can use the pink left from the previous blankie.  The purple can wait for a hand wash wool sweater. 
I estimate the blankie is about 15 inches on each side right now.  I will add the stripes as I get closer to the edge.  I think a narrow strip, and then more white before the lace will work the way I want. 
So even though I have been starting lots of things lately, they have been quick things.  Like I said before, baby knitting is fast.  Doll knitting is even faster. 

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