Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Knitting Updates

The knitting on Evelyn's cardigan continues.  I am on the last sleeve now.  Woooo Hoooo!  No pictures though.  (Sorry Evelyn.)  This one should go faster.  I have all the increases marked and rows counted on the first sleeve, so just have to keep comparing that to the new one.
I am determined to finish that sleeve. this week.  I hope some good movies are on Turner Classic Movies so I will not read so much.  I have been reading a lot this past week. My aunts and cousins meet once a month for lunch.  We pass around some Christian romance books that one aunt and one cousin subscribe to.  I can whip through a book a day, and that has cut into my knitting time this past weekend.
Lots of projects ahead though.  I have 3 that I am committed to, as well as some of my WIPs--several shawls and a couple sweaters are lying around tying up my needles.
But, just for the heck of it, I found the instructions for this stitch counter in an old Knitters magazine (Fall 2007 I think.)   It can count to 10 rows, sliding a bead after each row.  But, I thought I would make a second, with different colors perhaps.  Then after each full 10 rows, I can slide bead on the second and count up to 100 rows.  Since they can be pinned to your knitting I think they will come in handy.
I better start knitting.  Good thing tonight is Knit Night.

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