Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Channeling the Eveready Bunny

I keep knitting and knitting and knitting.  Torri's shawl has been growing nicely and I have progressed to the second ball.  Once again, Lizzie agreed to pose with it while trying to nap.  We won't talk about the exasperated look she gave me as I draped it over her.
The orange marker near her head marks the end of the first skein.  I wanted to have a reference point to refer to when I get to my last skein and try eke out every bit I can.
I know the actual stitch pattern doesn't show well in pictures, but I will post the pattern, with a Ravelry link when I finish anyway.  I told Torri it will still be a one of a kind, as Knit-Picks has discontinued this colorway.
The worse thing is, this blog is going to be very tired of pictures of azure ripples before I finish I'm afraid.  I'll try to change it up  with other projects.
Wow! An excuse to be fickle.  I like that.


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I love it. beautiful