Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Memory

I recently had been looking for a picture of the Civil War Veterans' Memorial to use on my other blog The Cemetery Divas (see sidebar for link.)
So I drove through Maple Grove cemetery after church to get a picture.  And I got so much more.
I have seen the memorial before, but all the flags surrounding it today caught my attention.  All around it were small stones with GAR flag holders next to them.  But the most touching were ones like the one below.  Unknown Civil War Veterans. 
To see those markers, with their flags decorating their resting places truly represents the REAL meaning of Memorial Day.
(Oh, see my other blog now and on the traditional Memorial Day, May 31, for the obituary of a veteran and a victim of war.  Let them not be forgotten.)
Oops!  I mentioned the "real" Memorial Day as being the 31st.  It was the 30th.  But my posting on the Divas will still post on the 31st.
So I'm stretching the holiday.

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