Thursday, May 17, 2012

Startitis Strikes Again

Every once in a while, I get hit hard with that dread disease--Startitis.  This time, it was a fairly severe case, with three new WIPs clinging to the needles when the dust settled.
I can easily rationalize all of the new projects though.  First is some raspberry cotton from Classic Elite Yarns for a summer hat class I am taking.  I had to cast on and knit the first few rows before the class this Saturday. 
 Next was the project I have been mulling over since so many at Spin Guild have made it out of their hand-spun.  I had originally spun this yarn for Spunky Eclectic's pattern in a past Knitty: Tappen Zee.  For some reason, I read the pattern as saying it required bulky.  It was not until I had purchase three bags of Lorna's Lace Red Roving top and spun and Navajo plied it for a 3 ply bulky yarn that I re-read the pattern.  It takes DK weight.  Sigh.
 So I cast on the stitches for the Ladies Shrug, from Plymouth, for their Royal Llama Silk yarn.  I wanted it slightly larger than the pattern's largest size.  By going up one needle size, with the bulky yarn I think I can knit as written for extra width.  Being entirely ribbing, except for one decrease row and one increase row, It will be pretty much brainless knitting.  I may have some travel coming up, so a good project for that.
 And finally this wonderful yarn.  It actually is not on the needles yet, but as soon as I finish the Wallaby sweater for Sandy's grand-baby, it will be.  I have five skeins of this.  It is Knit Pick's Swish, a wool superwash.  When she asked me to knit a shawl, I told her ok, if she bought the yarn.  If she wanted warm, it had to be wool I told her.  I'm a yarn snob and can't knit with plastic.  And if she wanted easy care, it would have to be superwash.  She bought this delightful Blue Yonder colorway for her own Hagen original.  I double checked the stitch I am using, it is called Fan Shell stitch, a variation of my favorite Feather and Fan.
And since I am already on the hood of the Wallaby, it will be cast on before the weekend is out, I am sure.
As you can see, I only have about four inches of hood, then graft the underarms, weave in ends, and Shazam!  I'll be done.

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