Friday, April 27, 2012

Old and New

I love living in the country.  And sometimes you can see the oddest things. 
This picture is one I have posted a while back.  It is the humungus tractor that we used to call Oldest Son's office.  As you can see, instead of wheels, it has four tracks.  It is quite a sight to see tooling down the road.
Today, as I came in I saw this tractor turning toward me at the corner, pulling some equally large piece of equipment, although it was folded, like the one next the the tractor above, to fit on the roads.  As it turned the corner, I noticed the other vehicle sitting on the corner; one I almost didn't see at all.  Next to the huge tractor, was a small black Amish buggy, with its slow moving vehicle sign.
Side by side they made quite a sight.
Old and new, large and small, side by side. 
You can see the neatest things in the country.

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