Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Knitting Like Mad

On the knitting front (if no where else) I have been pretty busy.  As you can see below, I am past the pocket and have attached both sleeves to Sandy's grandbaby's Wallaby.  I am rapidly closing in on the neck, and then just the hood and grafting underarms will remain.
What to do then?
Well, next up on the official list is Torri's shawl.  She purchased some lovely Knit Pick's Swish superwash wool in the Blue Yonder colorway.  I gave her several choices for a design stitch, and she picked the Clam shell (I think the name is--I will verify later) out of the blue Barbara Walker book.  (I love those books.)  It is sort of a feather and fan, but the decreases come over several rows, and then all the increases on one row.  I think it will be quick and easy, once I get into the rhythm.
And then there is the Ladie's Shrug that is the hit of Spin Guild and now Knit Nite.  Super simple in all 2x2 or 1x1 ribbing.  I may break down and use this yarn below for it.
I had originally spun this yarn from three 10 oz. bags of Lornas Lace roving in the Red Rover colorway.  I had misread the pattern I wanted to use it for.  I thought it called for bulky yarn, and the picture looked like about that weight.  But since re-reading it shows it to call for sport weight (I still can't believe the picture is of sport weight!), I may decide to use it for the shrug instead.  I am thisclose to deciding for sure.
And then there is Color Affection.  I am still tempted by that.
Startitis is a wonderful thing.

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