Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweater Girl

No sooner had I finished Evelyn's cardigan, than I had cast on for another sweater.   This time it is The Wonderful Wallaby, by Cottage Creations. 
I love this pattern and have made well over a dozen, from baby to adult.  The pattern only goes down to size 2T, but I adapted it to a smaller 12-18 months size.  That is quick, and great for baby gifts.
Having only cast on Monday, I've made splendid progress.  It also helps that i have made it so often.  I have about 4 inches of ribbing and body and I also knit the pocket in preparation for fusing once the body is long enough.  I also am working on the sleeves. The first one is 5 inches long already.  Once I get the second  sleeve ready, I'll go back to the body.  At that point, it will be clear sailing with nothing to stop me till I'm done.
Then on to Torri's shawl.  And my Color Affection, and my shrug. And.....
I better give you a photo update, and get back to knitting.

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