Thursday, May 3, 2012

Infected by the Affliction of Color Affection

Anyone who follows the Yarn Harlot's blog and especially her recent post about sock camp and the "infection" they all suffered, probably are way ahead of me here.  But for once I am on the cutting edge of a trend. 
Oh, I probably won't be able to start knitting this for a while, but I have already been stash diving for this project. 

And I bought the pattern.  I am so ready to start.
What project?  The Color Affection shawl (Ravelry link) that was the hit of the weekend.
Three colors of fingering weight yarn that use the magic of short rows and garter stitch to make a wonderfully wide and stripy shawl.
My trip into (one of) my sock yarn tub came up with three colors that I think will work.  Knitpicks Essential (the former name of their current Stroll line) in Bordeaux and Eggplant.  And that wonderful sherberty swirl of peach and pink of Brown Sheep Wildefoote.  I can't recall the exact name, but I love that color.
Now, le'ts see--Evelyn's sweater is almost done, then there is a Wallaby for Sandy's grandbaby due early July.  And of course Torri's shawl.  But I am sure I can squeeze this in there amongst the others.
After all, what's one more project.

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