Sunday, June 3, 2012

Working the WIPs

Pictured below are my two active Works In Progress.  Torri's shawl continues to grow.  Marking the end of the first skein gives me a continuous reference to how much I have done each day.  Maybe it will keep me out of the knitting dark hole, since I can get a sense of some progress each time I pick it up.
Draped across Torri's shawl is my Red Rover shrug made from my handspun mistake yarn.
You remember, I spun it bulky for a sweater, only to realize to late, the pattern called for DK.  (Insert sigh of exasperation here.). I think it is working well though for the shrug since I wanted to upsize it. 
It is currently my traveling project.  It was also my backup when I forgot to put the pattern for Torri's shawl in my bag.  I may just slip in a bit more time on the shrug.
After all, it is standing between me and the start of my Color Affection Affliction.

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