Monday, February 20, 2012

We Pause For a Moment

I briefly mentioned yesterday that I had not worked on the Sporto yesterday. I got sidetracked.
The yarn shown here is some of my hand spun left from the yoke of a Onsie I made a couple years ago. It is fiber from Spunky Eclectic, and I am afraid I forgot the colorway or fiber. Very soft and a natural brown with a pink overdye.
The project is one of my own design, for a travel mug cozy. I needed one for my coffee cup at the history center, so I could also keep one in my purse for actual travel. And besides, I suddenly realized here it is half way through February and I have not completed a single project in 2012.
Obviously that had to be remedied. So I dug through stash (another bonus!) and started the Rosy Baby Cabled Cozy. Warm coffee and soft to the hands. What could be better. I hope to finish in a couple days, tops, and then back to the Sporto.
Update: I finished it.
Back to the Sporto.

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