Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Have Seating

I made a run to Muskegon yesterday with the plan of getting myself a chair to use at the history center.  (As well as some groceries.)
I had delayed the purchase for a while, because someone had purchased one at an auction, even though I had stated my intention to purchase my own.  But that chair had a castor that kept falling off.  Even applying Goop and letting it sit overnight failed to secure it.
So a-shopping I did go.
The first place, Meijers, had only one possibility.  And I could not sit in it, to see if it fit.  Having rather short legs, I needed a low, shallow seat so my legs don't stick out.
At the next store, Staples, there were plenty to try.  There I found one that was low enough, shallow enough and supported my back.  And reasonably priced, on sale.
So last evening, after a rollicking hour with Hubby spent assembling it I now have seating.  (Pardon the dark blurry cell phone pic.)

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Jane Ann Jibson said...

Now that is a nice throne you got there. I hereby name you Queen Linda of the Land of Gertrude.