Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Time

Only a very new reader of this blog would not know that I love old movies.  Turner Classic Movies is my favorite channel.
With this month being their celebration of movies called 31  Days of Oscar, I have been reveling in favorites:  The Gay Dicorcee (my pick for best dance number); My Fair Lady (great songs); Key Largo (Bogie & Bacall); and so many more.
Every once in a while I sit down and watch a movie that I have only seen bits and pieces of, and that I thought was ok but nothing special.  If nothing else, it can be great knitting time.  So tonight I sat down with Red River which was one of those movies.  I was so wrong.  John Wayne. Montgomery Clift.  Walter Brennan.  Watching it straight through makes a big difference!  I loved it.
Turner Classic Movies comes through again.
And by the way....Gertrude tried on the Jewelled Sporto and I promise to have pictures tomorrow.  Two sleeves and everything.

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