Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gertrude Approves

After a bit of a delay due to sickness, Gertrude finally got to pose with the Jeweled Sporto. And look! Two sleeves!
Every knitter needs a Gertrude. I always find this step so reassuring that the magic of gauge and knitting has once again worked its miracle on a garment that will fit. Since I can't see it so well well when I am wearing the sweater, Gertrude is a great way to actually see how it fits. I am especially glad to see how the short rows I worked at the bust line is helping the fit over the curves. Of course there are still the belly curves to work around. But I think the shaping incorporated in the back and hips will help that.
Sporto hasn't grown much in the last couple of days. You know your sick when you don't even pick up the needles. It was a quick 3 hour flu, that then leaves me totally tired and (bonus!) with no appetite, usually for a couple weeks.
But now, its back to the needles.

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