Friday, February 24, 2012

So Near

I have been plowing along on my Jeweled Sporto. I got to within the last two back shaping increases last evening and decided to run the stitches onto a string and try on again. And the results?
Ta Da!
By Jove, I think I almost have it. It is curled a bit as I wear it on the bottom, but by the time I have completed the decreases, it will have another couple inches. And then the 2 inches of ribbing.
I think the end is near on this sweater. Ribbing and pocket, then the ends to weave in. And then, the wearing. I wonder if I can finish by Spin Guild on Monday?
We shall see.
And if so, I think there is some light blue Brown Sheep in my future. Are you ready Evelyn? Your sweater is next in the rotation.

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