Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love Crafty People

One of my cousins recently formed a new page on FaceBook, "Its Sew Made" for her sewing group. After enjoying all the completed projects they had posted, I asked if they do custom work. I wanted a messenger style bag, with an adjustable strap.
So we talked and she asked about my colors and size and what kind of design I wanted for the lining. She suggested flowers or something. I replied I like sheep, what with my spinning and all.
And today, this is what I got.
I love the panel with the sheep on the front. And since my cousin also raises sheep, that even makes it more perfect. And look at all the interior pockets!!
When I found out they ordered the sheepy fabric from Australia (home of some of the best wool!), it blew my mind. Apparently fabric with sheep is not too common around here.
I brought it home and filled it up. I will never see this view again. Thanks, Beth and Lorraine at "Its Sew Made". This is above and beyond what I expected.

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