Thursday, February 2, 2012

In My Other Life

In my other life, as a genealogist/history buff, friends and volunteers are scrambling to open the Terry Wantz Historical Research Center. We are in the building, and are bringing in our own books and pictures. Furniture is being placed and I have spent several days cataloguing our inventory.
In many respects, our building is our pride and joy. While the old freezer compartments need to be aired out, the mirror, cabinets and lights are ones brought from one of our buildings previous owners. The whole marble bar was from an old World Fair in Chicago that was brought here to be the showpiece of this building which was a ice cream and candy store. With the brick walls and painted tin ceiling, it will be a great place to help people study history.
We can hardly wait to open. (Especially since I will hopefully start getting paid then.) The first steps of getting the internet connected was completed today. Hopefully we will be able to open before the end of February.

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