Monday, December 12, 2011

Well That Didn't Happen

I tried to finish my blue Henley tee yesterday.  I really did. 
But I have learned that when my eyes start crossing while I knit, it is best to stop.  Even if there are only 4 rows and 3 buttons to go.
(Is that like 4th down and 3 yards?)
Anyway, I WILL finish it tonight.  Even if Hubby will be home, instead of going to cattle auction.
And now my thoughts will turn to which WIP I will focus on next.  One of the pairs of socks, perhaps?  One of my shawls?  I have one that is before Ravelry, in black kid mohair.  Or maybe my Dutchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan.
Ahhh, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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