Friday, December 2, 2011

Movies Make Me Happy

As the blue Henley continues to grow at a breathtaking snails pace, I decided to talk about my favorite thing to watch...old movies.
As I sit here in front of "Knute Rockne, all American", I was reflecting on the discoveries I've made this year.  I love it when I "discover" new to me actors that have probably died of old age by now.
Eric Blore is a riot. Usually playing a butler as he does in "The Gay Divorcee" and in "Top Hat", he is a put-upon servant, with a pained expression, enduring the people around him.
Frank McHugh has a funny whiny laugh and is always good for comic relief.
Warren William is sauve and debonair.  Sometimes romantic sometimes slimy, always fun to watch.
This month promises to be a good one for a movie buff like me.  The king of debonair is the featured star this month on Turner Classic Movies: William Powell.  Whether he butles in "My Man Godfrey", or sleuths in "The Thin Man" or as Philo Vance, he is elegant, poised and always fun.
Yup, lots of good knitting movies this month.
Maybe I will be able to finish my blue Henley tee after all.
Now, on to the Gipper.

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