Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plugging Away

I am plugging away on the Midnight Northern Lights shawl. Slow but sure. Black fuzzy yarn is truly the production knitter's nightmare. I was patiently trying to follow the written directions, moving my marker up and down the page.
Finally, my poor brain revolted. I am a more visual knitter. So I dug out one of my graph index cards. I love those things. After several restarts, I finally got the pattern charted out. It looks much simpler this way. I planned on charting it out on the computer, but it was so simple, I simple went over the pencil marks with a good old sharpie, and viola! An easy to read chart for my shawl.
My progress is better now, about 4 inches yesterday.
And, I still haven't started anything new. Although I am ready to start winding up some of the skein of handspun into balls/cakes for Sporto. But no knitting, or even swatching until at least Sunday.
I know myself. Once I swatch, I'm a goner.

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Jane Ann said...

That is a great idea, Linda. Graphs confuse me too.