Friday, November 5, 2010

What A Difference a Week Makes

While my Droid phone does allow me to make more frequent posts, they usually lack for pictures.  And sometimes punctuation.  (Darn those fat fingers anyway.) 
So while I may be posting more often, to appease my public, I may still have to make a longer, or a few catchup posts, with pictures. 
Case in point.  Last week I was poised to start my Shrieks in the Night mobius at Evelyn's class.
Isn't this yarn great?  Black, but not quite black.  And instead of using the colorway name of Silver Streaks at Night, my shawl would be Shrieks in the Night.  It was, after all, nearly Halloween.
We managed with great hilarity to figure out the cast on, which is the secret of a seamless Moebius.  Let me tell you, that first row was a stinker.
We all felt a sense of relief when the first row was finished.
As you can see,  I went with a different color.  This is some yarn that Evelyn had dyed in shades of green.  I did the mobius Cat Bordhi calls the Easiest of All Mobius, or the Bipolar Mobius.  Because of the way the shawl is constructed, from the center out, if you knit stockinette all the way, you will end up with the top half being the knit side and the bottom half with the purl side showing.  (Get it?  Bipolar.)  I decided to christen this shawl Mr Scream Jeans.  I had to stick with the theme after all
I decided to bind off with I-cord, even though a tried to figure out a leaf lace pattern to apply around the edge.  Unfortunately the pattern I found I couldn't get to work.  Maybe once I am better at this I can try casting off backwords and it will work.  I found the I- cord did seem to work better with a larger needle.  I had to jump from 9 to 11, since my 10 1/2s were otherwise occupied.
But that is another story.

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