Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally Some Knitting Picks

I mentioned earlier in the week. that my Pi Are Square Shawl was drying on the bed. I have a foldup board for cutting out patterns, and more often for wrapping presents. 
My plans were good anyway.  I spread out the board and lay my blocking mats on top of it.  These are some hopscotch squares that were on clearance for must less than the blocking squares usually cost.  I just put them picture side down and lock them together.  They work great for pinning into.
 I even added a couple extra squares on one side to hold the curved end. .
I ran a stiff blocking whire through the points on each of the straight ends and pinned those down in a couple places.  then I swiveled it around and took a couple of the flexible wires to the curved end and ran though the points again and pinned the wires.  It helped make the curves nice and even on either side.
 You can barely see the wire here.  I think my camera batteries are  low because the pictures are all a little bright.  Anyway I left the shawl all spread out on Tuesday with the fan on to speed drying.  Unfortunately, Hubby couldn't see the reason for the fan, so he turned it off.
 Gertrude has been wearing in the unheated wool room while it finishes drying.  I can't wait to wear it.
 I think it did grow quite a bit in the blocking process.  I had thought it would be rather short, but now am quite pleased with the size of it.

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