Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Random Weekend

You may have seen here that Saturday was a busy day, even before the "Stupid Time Change".  (I believe I have mentioned here before my deep feelings about Daylight Savings Time, probably most recently at the last time change.) (Even now the sun isn't yet overhead till well after noon!) (Enough ranting on stupid time change already.)
Anyway, Hubby had plans for a family dinner with his brother and wife, since we have been having problems getting together.  So I had to miss the baptism at church this past week, but still, lots of knitting was done.
I will need to get some pictures get pictures, but Mr Scream Jeans moebius is off the needles.  I also got about 3 or 4 inches on the sweater month vest during Saturday's road trip.  I am also nearing the final turn on the saw tooth edge bind off on my Pi Are Square shawl. 
I also have about 3 bobbins ready to be plied of my Red Rover chunky so I can make the TappenZee short sleeved cardigan. 
We have another batch of barn kitties who moved into the garage, to be closer to food dish.  Last year, we only had one or two who survived till fall.  This year at least nine.  Maybe some will last till spring.  One, a little tom that was Sandy brought from her brothers will add some well needed new blood if he survives.  And I haven't seen any mice anywhere!
And now, into the new week.

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