Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Project

Don't you just love how I can keep coming up with new reasons for new projects? This time it is a baby. Not my new grand nephew but a baby girl!
Mary, one of our spin guild members is having a grand-baby next month. Since her daughter lives in Colorado, she doesn't get to attend the baby showers, so we are having one at spin guild a a few weeks.
The pressure is on to get a sweater for the baby, but I have made this one before and it is really easy. (Mary, if you are reading this, acct surprised when you get the sweater.)
I made several of these sweaters in my pre-Ravelry days, when I was working in an office undergoing a baby boom. Because it is pre-Ravelry I don't have very good project notes or pictures. But I am comfident it will go quickly. This is just about an inch from starting the gusset on the back of the hood.
Because Mom isn't a fan of wool, this is being knit in Paton's Decor. But is a soft and not bad feeling like some yarns my snobbish fingers won't touch anymore.

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cara said...

those colors! how lovely!!