Monday, May 31, 2010

The Knit Goes On

I wanted to show that I have spent some time knitting this weekend.

Mary's Lillie sweater is progressing nicely. I am about 4 inches below the sleeve divisions so it is going well. It should make a good Knit Nite project.

I also wanted to just mention, to anyone who happens past our homestead, and wonderers what tore up our meadow next to our house, near the road.

Hubby got a new plow from my friend Christine and her hubby. He converted the three bottom to a 2 bottom and has been tweaking and testing it all week. I had to take and print a bunch of pictures both overall views and closeups so he could take them to the implement dealer for suggestions.

The best thing about having a day off, knowing the evening would be all mine. I had my supper planned, things that Hubby dislikes because he would (as usual) be at the livestock auction. Then around 2pm he informs me he wasn't going. Ooops. I barely had time to get food in the crock pot, hope it gets done soon.

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