Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fiber Festival Fun

I was at the seasons second Fiber Festival most of the day yesterday, at the Old Farm Girl's lot in White Cloud. A beautiful, although hot day. And WOW! What a change from the show she had there last Labor Day! Then there were only a few vendors, and a group of us spinning under a canopy along the M-37. This year, there were a bunch of vendors, and even a food wagon. Way too much temptation. I managed to be a frugal shopper and tried to behave myself. (I got some 25% off yarn, and a couple books, and a great sweater pattern booklet.)
And oh, the fiber. I managed to avoid buying any fleeces, mainly because I was broke by the time I heard of the bargains there. (Honestly, have you seen any recent pictures of my wool room? No, I'm embarrassed to post them.) Alpacas and a bunny for display. On Friday Mercy, Rachel's black lamb was there, but after too many people brought dogs, she left her home.
It is so much fun to see fiber buddies too. Theresa was there from Greenville. She was the gal who helped organize the festival over there a few weeks ago.
Sue Ann (AKA The Sassy Ewe) from Spin Guild was also there. Lots of tempting items. She has got to get Mondays cleared on her schedule so she can come more often.
And of course Rachel was.....
Well, she really was there, although she did a lot of child chasing and networking. (Just kidding Rachel. And thanks for the discount for helping people when you were gone. )
Mary, brought her loom to show people. She was set up near me, under the big top.
Gina, another of our Spin Guild members, had the above picture alpaca, Norman. She also had a huge red and white tent with open sides. It was a great shady place to sit and spin or weave out of the sun. I spent most of my time there and finally finished spinning the 4.5 lbs fleece I bought in Allegan last year. And I was able to begin with the red top for the sweater I want to make.

Oh yes, the Pink Ball of Fluff was there in its finished glory. Betty was pleased. Now I have to finish the next one I am working on.

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Kate said...

Jami bought me the extra skein of the rayon that you are working the Cherry Leaf pattern in (and 1400yds of mohair). They don't have a project, yet. :)