Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finished Knitting

Another pair of socks off the needles.
Don't they show up well on the sock form? Great for taking pictures.
These socks have been slowing being knit since last fall. They started of course as my backup socks but I did take them along to a genealogy conference and finished the cuff and turned the heel then back in November. They are made with some Debra Norville yarn, Serenity that has bamboo and are very comfortable. I actually finished them last Thursday but haven't had a chance to post them.
While I do have a pair started, out of Mini Mochi, in dark blue, I decided to break out the needles to get another pair started.
You know, originally I started having a backup pair of socks for traveling when I was at a difficult part on the primary pair. Now that I have done the heel flap, and even turned the heel and picked up gusset stitches while chaperoning the childrens Sunday School class I guess that excuse isn't really valid. But I like having an extra pair anyway. I just keep one baggie ready to grab whenever I go somewhere.

I just love the colors on this.

It looks like any color pooling will probably just spiral down the leg so that works for me. Soon though, I need to try a toe-up pair.

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