Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Boys Toys--Part Two

Older Son has been avoiding my camera this past week. And he has been busy hauling manure, so he has been in a much smaller tractor. He stopped by and had supper with me last night and I managed to get a picture or two of him, with the "smaller tractor."
Yeah, really small.
However, you will notice that this tractor has tires, not tracks and no hinge in front of the rear wheel.
Thoughtful child that he is, he came with his large and dirty manure spreader. This is the clean side.
He was going on the night shift when he left here. He said he would be using the Big Tractor then. But not till after dark. Too late for a ride and picture.
Besides, that one doesn't have a passenger seat.
Darn, I wanted a ride.

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