Friday, May 28, 2010

Lots of Knitting

And unfortunately not many pictures.
I have ready to divide for the sleeves on the Lilly sweater and will probably do that tonight. Not much knitting will be done tomorrow. I will be spending most of the day at The Old Farm Girl's Fiber Festival spinning my heart out. Oh yes, and probably shopping.
I am torn about what to take to spin. I am almost ready to start spinning the Lorna's Laces Red Rover roving. I have 3 bunches at 10 ounces each. I figure that should be enough to use to make the Tappen Zee in the latest Knitty, even if I have to upsize it a little
I also have several bobbins of my white Leicester to ply. I have debated taking my plying wheel instead, if it will fit in the car.
Decisions, decisions.
I will have pictures soon, I promise.

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