Monday, May 17, 2010

Fiber Fiesta Fun

I was able to attend the First Annual Fiber Fiesta in Greenville Saturday. I ended up going alone, but that was ok. Friend Rachel, who had a booth at the festival, also owns a pizza shop there. So I spent the day, along with many of our spinning guild members (vendors and shoppers) and then feasted on BC Pizza before heading home.
The location was a big pavilion with walls and roof like canvas. You can see from the background above how bright it was, even though inside. It made for great picture taking. I loved the shawls in this booth. I may have to dig out my small looms and piece together a woven shawl.
Here are Evelyn (from the Old Farm Girl) who will be hosting her own fiber festival Memorial Day weekend (Friday and Saturday) in just north of White Cloud, and Cindy. They were manning their booth, while simultaneously channeling their inner "Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz." I loved the fact that Cindy bought a bunch of wool even though she didn't have a spinning wheel or spindle. The wheel was ordered today.
Rachel is another member of our Wooly Friends spinning guild. She has Counting Sheep Farm and lovely wool, fleece and animals. Never a dull moment when she is around! Since she was by herself, once I finished wandering and shopping (mostly) I brought in my wheel and spun in her booth.
Several other members of our group were there as well. Another fiber friend hopes to close on a farm just south of the county line. Easily close enough to join us for spinning and other fun stuff.
Mary, Yvonne and Sue Ann was among the group from spin guild who enjoyed that delicious pizza. Here we are preparing to waddle out to our vehicles to trek on home. Rachel had the gang put out the buffet for us, even though they usually do not have it out on Saturdays. Yum!
For the most part I did show good restraint. I did get a yarn pack and pattern in dove gray for a shawl from Yarn Hollow. I also got 2 balls of lovely soft merino roving in deep green, cream and rose pink, a shawl pin and 5 patterns.
Oh yeah. I also got this:
That is 5 and a half pounds of polypay roving. Squishy, bouncy and I think I hear a sweater calling my name in there. I couldn't help it. The vendor kept walking buy with this huge bag and I had to know why. There was a momentary blur, and the next thing I knew, I was ripping a check out of the book. Oh well. But doesn't it look nice?

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cara said...

looks like a great time! Next year they need to not schedule it on my shearing day :)