Monday, January 4, 2010

Project Updates

Remember the entrelac Lady Eleanor Shawl I started eons ago? Well, maybe not quite that old, but it was old enough that it was started on my old Denise needles and not my favorite KnitPick wooden needles. Gertrude graciously offered to model it to refresh your memory.

Above just wrapped around her skinny neck and hanging. Below is a more wrapped and draped version. The yarn is Plymouth Boku. I love it, this batch is so soft. Sometimes the silk can be stiff/scratchy feeling.

This is the new shawl I started, the Reading Shawl. It is supposed to be stay put on your shoulders better. The strip is silky alpaca lace, double stranded, and the other is Lorna's Laces Sport superwash.
The new one is going well, and is a good traveling project. It will may replace the Lady Entrelac as my Knit Nite project.
But then again, maybe not.

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Dawn Bushouse said...

Are you selling that shawl? It looks beautiful!

I just discovered your blog because John forwarded pics to me. You are such a delightful woman!!