Monday, January 25, 2010

At Long Last--Lady Eleanor

There are disadvantages to the warm weather.  Besides the fact that I like the cold I mean.  
After blocking and waiting for my Lady Eleanor shawl to fully dry, it was too warm to wear it to church yesterday. 
But today we had a return to cooler temps.  (Yea!) and Lady Eleanor made an appearance at Spin Guild.

It is so warm and cozy.  And soft.  The bath I gave it before blocking really softened the yarn.

I also had a new project started over the weekend. I needed an extra pair of mittens so I didn't have to keep switching my warm ones between coats.  So with left over Boku from a previous shawl and some beige mohair, I started a brown/black pair and will be lining them with alpaca sock yarn.

Both are wearable, but am only on the first lining.  Single digit temps by the end of the week.  I guess they better go to Knit Night with me tomorrow.

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