Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patience Pays, Sometimes

In our old farmhouse, things go wonky all the time. And it takes even more time to fix it seems.

Our kitchen sink has been developing a drip for probably at least 6 months, if not a year. At first it was slow, just enough to color the sink with a rust stain overnight. Then it got fast enough you could tell it was the hot water that was dripping.

Hubby kept saying it was an easy fix. Just needed to get the part.

And still we waited. In the last few weeks it could fill an 5 quart ice cream bucket in an hour. Hubby said since we don't pay to heat the water, (it heats with the hot water from the outside wood burner) he wasn't to worried. But yesterday, he finally fixed it. It took two trips to town and another to a closer hardware store, but it works.

I won't even get into the two light switches that haven't worked right for months. Both were hard to work, but the one finally wouldn't turn off a couple days ago. And tonight--both are working.


Oh yes, part for sink--$1.19. New light switches, 79 cents each. Finally purchased and installed? Priceless.


My8kidsmom said...

I nominated you !!! Check out my farm blog!

My8kidsmom said...

I am not sure if the last comment showed up but...check out the farm blog! I nominated you!!