Thursday, January 21, 2010

History and Movies

I have been thinking all week about how my genealogy has made me appreciate movies even more. 
Just what brought this on?  This past Saturday evening I watched "Battleground" with James Whitmore and Van Johnson among others.  It is about the Battle of the Bulge.  Even though my father was in World War II, by the time of this phase of the war, he had been long home, after being severely wounded in Sicily.  But, my maternal grandfather had a cousin who was raised by Great-grampa Roy.  He was like an uncle to my Mom and her siblings apparently.  
He died in this battle.
But after recently re-reading his obituary, and other news clippings from when his body was shipped back home, it made the movie much more dramatic to me.  I found it to be a powerful movie, with its portrayal of the suffering and lack of supplies.  I highly recommmend this picture.
Genealogy and history--a wonderful combination

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